Adopt a Tree in Herring Run Park

Many of the trees in Herring Run Park are being enveloped by vines. The vines are not parasites living off the tree but are simply reaching for light. However, they prevent light from reaching the tree and damage it further by the cumulative weight of the vines. So, vines destroy trees and need to be removed for the health of the forest.

There are over 440 households in Arcadia. If each household were to select (adopt) a vine covered tree and cut a “window” in all the vine stems at the base of the tree they would protect that tree for the next several years. This would have a great impact on the forest bordering Arcadia. Please adopt a tree. Should you not be able to get into the forest to save a tree yourself, perhaps you could sponsor another person to make the effort for you. Contact one of the Arcadia board members for a metal marker to ID your tree.

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